Our Story

Justus’ journey as a creative began over 20 years ago at the Arts Academy at Bella Vista in Clovis, New Mexico. Both Justus’ parents were pioneering members of the school's teaching staff and still contribute to its development today. Among many things, this school was responsible for exposing Justus to the world of digital media early on in his childhood, an experience that has gone on to shape nearly every aspect of his life since.

Justus' sales career began in 2014. Since then, he has generated millions in revenue for a variety of different sales organization including Plexsolar LLC, a web based home solar lead generation company he started in 2022. Justus designed plexsolar.io from the ground up to operate as a fully remote outbound sales machine. He built the website, took over search results locally, automated all his processes and now effortlessly generates free qualified leads  for his sales team.

Justus wanted to  take the lessons he learned from building his business  to create  an easy to use service that helped other businesses make more sales and understand the online version of their client's experience from the first website visit,  all the way to converting that client into a sale.

Based in coastal Virginia, Justus Inspired LLC was established in August 2023. Justus brings a lifetime of creativity together with a decade of real world sales experience to offer this top tier web design, lead generation and marketing automation service for creatives, sales professionals & small businesses in the DMV and beyond.

Payment plans & customizable contracts increase accessibility to our service allowing clients the freedom to pick and choose which assets they want included in their project and how they’re going to pay for them. If you would like a quote, fill out the form below to receive our brochure

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From creative portfolios to high ticket sales pages, we provide our clients with beautiful websites & a full range of backend lead generation tools & marketing services. Fill out the form to customize a quote  for your project today.